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Anonymous whispered: I want that Kirito doll so bad that it's not even funny!

Well, you have 6 days to reblog to your heart’s content :) We’re glad you like the prizes though! It means we’ve chosen a few things that you guys like. :D Good Luck !

Anonymous whispered: Where can I find ggo? I haven't been successful yet

Do you mean where to watch it? The answer is in the FAQ ~ You can watch it at crunchyroll, kissanime, gogoanime etc . 

Anonymous whispered: YOU ARE AMAZING!! you keep me updated on everything and I thank you for it! stay awesome

Thank You. :) We’re glad we can help and thanks for supporting us ~ 

Anonymous whispered: Hi there! I was reading some previous asks and I saw the acronym "ALO" could you tell me what it refers to? I'm kind of new with this anime... sorry to bother you!

No problem! ALO stands for ALfheim Online which is a game that is introduced in the SAO anime. 


Hi everyone! First, I want to say : Thank You so much for supporting us! I remember making this blog in 2012, and I honestly didn’t think anyone would follow this blog. When I reached even 100 followers, I was really happy and grateful! Now, we have reach over 15K of SAO Fans. I hope you guys enjoy Gun Gale Online, and as a treat for supporting us, we’re having a celebration for the release of season 2 of SAO…We are going to hold a giveaway! 


Please make sure to read the rules carefully! 

-Must be a follower : (We WILL Check)  This giveaway is not only for the celebration for season 2 of SAO but it is also a giveaway for our fabulous followers who have been supporting us day by day. (Please, don’t follow then unfollow afterwards. I will hunt you down. lol ) 

-You can like and reblog this post as many times as you like. More reblogs = more entries. whispers* take advantage of that , okk. 

-If your under 18 years of age, please get your parent’s permission because you WILL have to give us your address to receive the items. 

-Have your ASK BOX OPEN. We need to be able to contact you if you win. So, make sure it’s valid and we can access it! 

If you have any questions regarding the rules, shoot us an ask and we will reply to you asap. 

***We will be using : to select the two winners. 


(See Above Image for the items) 

*There will be two winners. 1st and 2nd place

1st Place: 

*A Kirito OR Asuna Cup ( The Winner can decide which one he/she wants. You can only pick one out of the two ) 

*A Kirito Plushie

*A SAO Keychain of Kirito’s Sword

*A SAO Print Drawn by: Temari-Chi

*An Asuna Sticker + 4 other stickers of your choice. Drawn by: Temari-Chi

*A Letter from both Admins and a sketch from Admin K and Temari-Chi

2nd Place: 

*A SAO Print Drawn by: Temari-Chi

*An Asuna Sticker + 2 other stickers of your choice. Drawn by: Temari-Chi

*A Letter from both Admins and a sketch from Admin K and Temari-Chi

GIVEAWAY ENDS ON : AUGUST 3RD <— Admin K’s Birthday. hint*hint*

This Giveaway is also INTERNATIONAL ~ World Wide . 


That’s it for all the prizes! I hope you all participate and thank you all so much! We Love You . <3 

If you have any questions regarding the giveaway feel free to shoot us an ask! Thanks Again ~ 


Giveaway ends in 6 days! ~


By: 水々 | edit: amichann
Anonymous whispered: instead of suggestions for animes, how about one for you? I've recently just watched Okami-san and Her Seven Companions on Netflix, and it felt I was watching Kirito's and Asuna's split personalities being played out in a different dimension. the two main characters even kind of resemble them to me, hahah. t's light and pleasantly funny, but it does have its deep moments. i'm also positive you'd like it. (:

Thanks! We’ll defiantly check those out!

Anonymous whispered: What's your favorite anime this season that you're watching?

All the admins will answer~

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