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Anonymous whispered: If full dive technology ever became real, would you partake in it? Assuming (hopefully) that we wouldn't die in real life if we died in a game

Actually, “full dive” is almost real. There’s a company that’s trying to make it real called, “Oculus Rift”. Facebook purchased the company not too long ago. It’s not exactly like the way they do it in SAO because you put it on while you’re awake, but I think that as the years go on it will be improved. I actually know someone who has tried it before, and she said that it was really cool, but since its so different, it would take some time getting used to it.

The other Admins will also answer this question ^^~

Admin T - Personally I would partake in it. I think that it would be awesome to be in an actual video game especially since I’m such a nerd when it comes to gaming, lol. Am I the only one who thinks that a Virtual Reality Pokemon game would be freakin’ awesome?

Admin K - I would defiantly take part in it! Playing in a virtual game world seems more fun interesting than just playing regular games. But if real life death was on the line here. UH . IDK about that. I don’t think I’ll play . LOL . life is too precious .;//// But…If I was force to fight in order to be able to log out ….hands down, I WILL FIGHT. 

Anonymous whispered: If you could change anything (or things) about the first season of SAO what would it be ?

I would probably change the pacing. I wish they took it a little slower. I like how season 2 is being paced so far, it seems like they aren’t rushing it c:

-Admin T

Shino’s hoplophobia / traumatizing fear of guns.


Hi everyone! First, I want to say : Thank You so much for supporting us! I remember making this blog in 2012, and I honestly didn’t think anyone would follow this blog. When I reached even 100 followers, I was really happy and grateful! Now, we have reach over 15K of SAO Fans. I hope you guys enjoy Gun Gale Online, and as a treat for supporting us, we’re having a celebration for the release of season 2 of SAO…We are going to hold a giveaway! 


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*A Letter from both Admins and a sketch from Admin K and Temari-Chi

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*A Letter from both Admins and a sketch from Admin K and Temari-Chi

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Anonymous whispered: About the game automatically picking your avatar, if this was real, wouldn't a lot of people be mad if their avatar was randomly picked? js

The game doesn’t really automatically pick your avatar. It determines what avatar/gender you are by your brainwaves. For Kirito ; the system couldn’t tell by his brainwaves because his model was too rare. It didn’t recognize it. But yeah, I’m pretty sure if the game was real; and you were given an avatar you didn’t want …of course some people would get mad. I guess it all depends. 

Yuuki Asuna Fan Arts.
Anonymous whispered: Hey I was wondering but how does the first episode start? I've really been wanting to watch it but Im just not sure which episode is exactly the first one. Can you describe please?

I’m going by memory so I’m apologize if I’m wrong or inaccurate. haha
btw; if you haven’t watched first ep of SAO/GGO…don’t read or else your going to get spoiled!~

SAO - It starts off with Kirito (who is one of the game’s beta-tester) log ins into Aincrad, the world of Sword Art Online. In the beginning of the episode he quickly befriends a guy name Klein. Later on, they both realize that they can’t log out and are confuse why. 

GGO - The episode starts off with a guy name Zexceed who is one of GGO’s top player sitting beside two other characters (Dark Wind and Presenter) giving an interview of some sort. After he talks for a bit he’s then shot down by a mysterious person wearing black.